Is your vision troubling you?  Have you been diagnosed with Cataracts?  Would you like free surgery?

It is hard to believe that so many people in Ireland are waiting to see an ophthalmologist to get the treatment that they need now.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT!  If you are waiting for treatment the only reason you are suffering is because you do not have the money to pay privately. Its expensive.


If you are struggling to read this because your eyesight is impaired, you can… if you wish, get the treatment you are entitled to NOW.

The EU Cross Border Directive – it’s your entitlement!

Most of the enquiries we get are from people that have waited around 2 years, and still wait because they think they have no choice.  The cost of private surgery is way beyond their pockets so their sight is allowed to get a little worse each day.  Their lives and the quality of living each day is diminished.  There is a choice. You do not have to wait.

Easy Booking

We try to make it easy. once the surgeon confirms you are suitable for cataract surgery, and you agree to the procedure our team take over all the administration. You just relax.


The Clinical Team are highly specialised and have performed thousands of cataract procedures.


Once the eye surgeon has details of your full medical condition and is happy you are suitable for surgery we can arrange everything in about one week.

How We Can Help

Irish Eyes can arrange cataract surgery for Irish Citizens in a matter of weeks.

Our organisation makes use of the 2011 Cross Border Healthcare Directive. It is your right as an EU citizen to travel to the treatment centre in Holland and have the operation in one of the finest surgical units in Europe.

Check out the treatment centres on their website Eyescan Eyecare Organisation is one of the largest providers of specialist eye care in Holland.

Who Can Apply?

Applications are only accepted from those people who:

  1. Are Irish Citizens
  2. Are resident in the Republic of Ireland
  3. Have a PPS number
  4. Have a suspected or diagnosed cataract.
  5. Are able to obtain a referral letter from either their GP or a qualified Optometrist indicating a need for potential cataract treatment.
  6. Are classed as able to travel for treatment.

Remember that you will need to either have an Irish passport or are able to apply for one in order to travel to Holland.

Contact Us

By Email:

Mobile Help Line: 0899 619 145

Office Help Line: 01 254 4444

Or please use the online enquiry form.

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