If you still find it hard to believe that this treatment is available NOW and it will cost you nothing, then you can get confirmation regarding the Cross Border Healthcare Directive directly from the HSE website at

The HSE require that the cost of the surgery is paid by the Patient “up front” and then an application for reimbursement is submitted later.

This is where Irish EyesIreland helps.

We pay all the costs to the clinic and with your consent apply for the money back from the HSE.

To comply with the HSE requirements under the EU Directive you have to follow the Public Patient Pathway.

You will probably be in one of two situations.

1 – You have just seen your optometrist and you have been told that you have a cataract.  His only choice, up to now, has been to refer you to your GP.  Your LONG wait for surgery in Ireland starts now.


2 –  You have been seen by your GP and are either waiting for an assessment at the hospital or have been diagnosed with cataracts by an ophthalmologist at the hospital and are just waiting….and waiting.

In either situation get in touch with us.  We will assist you to follow the public patient pathway to FREE treatment.

You will need a referral letter.

When you have a copy of the referral letter from either your GP or your Optometrist you need to scan and send a copy to our administration office.

This starts the ball rolling.

In order to comply with the HSE guidelines and regulations we need to collect a number of documents in order to complete an application for Reimbursement.

When all these documents are available and with our administration department, we request that Joseph Nolan & Co Solicitors, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, collate them all and complete the application process.

We work with Joseph Nolan because they have a strong local reputation and are fully regulated by the Law Society.

Joseph Nolan & Co. Solicitors.

email.   Phone.  052 6125288

The staff at Joseph Nolan work with both yourselves and Irish eyes Ireland to ensure that all the admin is taken care of.

Any costs or charges incurred in this process will be paid for by IRISH EYES IRELAND.

Irish Eyes Ireland