Why did we select a Treatment Centre in Holland?

The reason is simple. It was the best cataract surgical facility we could find.

The obvious thought was to look to our nearest EU neighbour for cataract surgery. We visited hospitals all over the UK. Including cataract treatment centres in Belfast, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Glasgow. For various reasons we rejected them all,  but the main concern was the lack of a joined up treatment programme to include Irish GP´s and optometrists to ensure patient care.

We therefore, had to extend our search to include clinics in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

There was no question in our minds that the Dutch market was more regulated and controlled than anywhere else and the requirement for quality and patient care was built into the system by the Dutch Government.

So, if we wanted our Irish applicants to benefit from this system we needed to find a clinic that would offer services to Irish patients. We talked to and visited many, all over Holland.

The first thing we should say is that the Eyescan Clinic in Amstelveen really made it easy for us, as it stood out above the rest that we visited.

The experience of the surgical team and the well known Dutch reputation for excellence was clear from our first visit. The centre was “State of the Art” and treated thousands of eye patients every year.

Most importantly,they wanted to be a part of a joint healthcare team working with Irish eyecare professionals.

This is the only way to ensure that a patient is monitored right from the diagnosis of a cataract to the post surgical reviews and aftercare.

We had found what we needed to meet the needs of Irish cataract patients.

The European Directive allows a patient to select a hospital anywhere in Europe to operate on them, and under that directive you are free to go where you want.

We wanted to make this process as simple as we could for the average person, living in Ireland, with no clue as to what he should be looking for in a surgeon or clinic.

We wanted a Clinic they could trust. Somewhere with a well established reputation.

So we took the decision, that as a Foundation we would support applications to just one Clinic and we would present that clinic to our applicants after having thoroughly checked it out.

Having selected a cataract treatment centre that we felt we trusted we had to consider the logistics of Irish people getting to Holland.

The first thought must be that it seems a long way away. The second thought is, “so its a bit further than London, but I deserve the best in Europe”.

We needed to look at how it would work getting patients to Holland and how it compared with “nearer” clinics.

The nearest clinics were in Belfast.

We used Dublin as a base line and made an assessment as to what time it would take to get to the treatment centre.

By car, Dublin to Belfast is just over 2 hours. By bus, 2 hours 30 minutes.

By Ryanair, Dublin to Amsterdam is 1 hour 35 mins. Even arriving at the airport 30 minutes before departure, as required, it is still only just over 2 hours. The Eyescan clinic is only 20 mins away from Schiphol airport Amsterdam.

So in reality the difference in journey time was not significant.

What is more significant, is the quality of surgical care available in a country where a return flight is available, often for less than €100.

Once you have your referral letter from your GP, and been assessed by an approved  optometrist, the clinic will offer you an appointment.  Then it is time to book your flight to Amsterdam.

You can travel to Belfast or elsewhere in the UK but we believe that our applicants deserve the best….and that is the Eyescan clinic in Holland.

The choice is yours, a short flight to Holland or spend the same time on the motorway to Belfast!!

Let Irish Eyes hold your hand and arrange everything for you, including a treatment programme designed to ensure your wellbeing and aftercare.

It truly is an opportunity to have the surgery you need NOW and at NO COST to you.

Just contact us now to make the arrangements and book your appointment.

Irish Eyes Ireland